New Chimney Flashing On A Harrisonburg Roof

  A proper flashing on a brick chimney prevents damage to the interior of the home, and ensures the long term functionality of the chimney.

A brick chimney adds value and functionality to a home, but without the proper roof to chimney flashing, it can cause a lot of problems. At Valley Roofing, we recommend a 2-piece flashing that allows seasonal movement between the house and chimney to occur without causing any problems. The 2 pieces consist of a step flashing that is integrated with the shingles, and a counter flashing that covers the step flashing, and is fastened only to the chimney. This allows seasonal movement to occur without stressing the fasteners as can happen in a one piece system. We also prefer a straight counter flashing over a stepped counter flashing as it completely seals the flashing, and limits the number of pieces that are necessary to be installed.

Here is an example of a chimney flashing in Harrisonburg that had failed, and had caused the plywood around the chimney to fail.


Picture Picture




NEw Chim New Chim 1

Roof Coating in Charlottesville Using GAF TopCoat!


Thinking of a metal roof?

Valley Roofing offers guidance to help you choose.

When you have a vision for an old style, standing seam metal roof, we are here to make your dream a reality. Our expert roofing staff will work with you to find the right color and design.

Why choose a metal roof?

First and foremost, they are durable and long lasting. They won’t crack or warp and are relatively lightweight, putting less stress on the structure of the house. Metal roofs are also the best choice to resist wind, fire, and hail. You can choose from many different colors with a minimum of a 35-year paint warranty to let you make a bold statement that lasts.

The real value when selecting a metal roof is in the workmanship.

Valley Roofing’s expertise in installation and working with tricky flashing that can sometimes be overlooked takes care of your investment for the long haul. Our installation includes proper water drainage to insure trouble-free years of enjoyment. Metal roofs typically carry extensive paint and warranties to match their lifespan. In addition to your roof’s warranty, Valley Roofing’s expert installation is backed by our 5-year workmanship warranty. Call Valley Roofing today for a metal roof estimate!

Roof Systems for multiple types of roof on one home.

Valley Roofing’s excellence in roof systems is the perfect fit for multiple types of roof on one home.

Many homes use multiple types of roofing to add dimension and character. When it is time

Preston Lake: Multiple roof types in one system.

Multiple roof types in one system.

to fix or replace the roof, you can find yourself asking about shingles, aluminum, rubber roof (EPDM), and more. Valley Roofing offers roofing systems that will fix problems associated with each type of roof in one package and under one warranty.

Hidden problems are addressed.

When working on one type of roofing, problems can be addressed with a consistent approach. Multiple roofing types require varied approaches to address each concern and issue appropriately. Once we begin to inspect the roof, we can uncover any hidden problems that might compromise the strength and function of the entire roof system.

A lifetime warranty means peace of mind for you.

Better than taking off one type of roof and putting on a new one, addressing all the types of roof together gives you a complete roof system with a complete lifetime warranty. Addressing issues over the years roof type by roof type eliminates warranties for the entire roofing system. Replacing the roof as a complete system ensures that all problems are taken care of and you don’t need to worry about it again. Valley Roofing takes pride in using the proper roofing products for the proper areas so that you get the best result. Call Valley Roofing today for a roof system estimate!

Protect against roof leaks with GAF Leak Barrier.

Protect against roof leaks with GAF Leak Barriers.

A leak barrier under your shingles, tile, or metal roof is a critical element to a roof system. Without a leak barrier, roof leaks are more likely as water can seep in from wind-driven rain, melting ice, and snow. A GAF Leak Barrier in place of tarpaper prevents water from leaking in through the roof.

How a leak barrier keeps moisture out to keep your roof strong.

Roof leaks can start with just the slightest bit of moisture seeping in. To nail the roofing material down, punctures must be made in the tarpaper, which is then vulnerable to water penetration. Leak barriers are very sticky and when a nail is put through them, the leak barrier seals around the nail to secure the vulnerable areas of the roof, keeping water out.  The most vulnerable parts of your roof are in the valleys and the eaves, around chimneys and any penetration or flashing details.

GAF gives you leak barrier options for the perfect fit.

Valley Roofing matches the right leak barrier to your type of roof. The range of GAF Leak Barriers are designed to add strength to the roof system on your home. Fiberglass reinforcement works to resist wrinkles so that your roofing material lays flat over the leak barrier.

Tie your warranty together with Leak Barrier.

A leak barrier is part of your roof system. To benefit from the full warranty of your roof, be sure that the system is complete. Valley Roofing is a certified GAF installer, ensuring that proper care is taken to activate the lifetime warranty of the roof. Call Valley Roofing now for an estimate to protect against roof leaks!

Snow Guards: Is your roof prepared for winter?

Snow Guards: Is your roof prepared for winter weather?

Metal and slate roofs in particular add that special touch to your home, but can be dangerous in a snowstorm.  Snow guards also add to the aesthetic of your asphalt shingle roofs. In winter months the minute feature called the snow guard makes your metal and slate roofs a safe choice.

What are snow guards and how do they work?

The small metal pieces that you see spaced apart and perched on the lower half of a slate or metal roof are designed to impair snow from plunging off the roof. Snow guards catch snow to keep it from avalanching, holding the snow in place on the roof. This backup of snow then stays on the roof until it melts or drifts off safely. Avalanching snow can tear down gutters, and crush structures, cars and landscaping on the ground below.

Designed to match the roof, your snow guards are the perfect fit.

Snow guards don’t come in a “one size fits all” model, but rather are designed to the roof. Material, pitch, and climate are taken into account when snow guards are chosen. Though they are made to last for the life of the roof, should your snow guards be damaged they can be replaced. Call Valley Roofing today for a snow guard inspection!

Pipe flashing: How healthy is your roof?

Your roof is as strong as its most vulnerable part. 

Pipe flashing is a piece of material that prevents water from entering a structure through a joint. Proper product should be present where a chimney, vent, fan, or cable meets the roof. Pipe flashing comes in many types of material that offer variations in durability and cost. Bad pipe flashings are typically the first thing to break down on your roof.

Get your roof checked out every 5 years to avoid potential disasters.

Many roof installers cut costs by using cheap products, which can lead to significant breakdown over the years. Before you notice a leak, have a professional take a look. Valley Roofing offers roof inspections as a preventative measure in order to address small concerns before they become problems.

Valley Roofing focuses on strength and durability for your roof.

Valley Roofing uses only GAF Ultimate Pipe Flashing. This breakthrough design uses a proprietary sealing method that gives you maximum protection from leaks.  When you want the best protection, using the best available materials is the only way to go.

GAF Ultimate Pipe Flashing matches your roof’s warranty.

GAF Ultimate Pipe Flashing is guaranteed to never fail through the life of the roof’s warranty. When a roofing system is installed using this product, the flashing warranty matches the roof’s warranty. Call Valley Roofing for your roof flashing inspection today!

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