Let the sunshine in with a skylight! Valley Roofing is central Virginia’s installer for Velux SunTunnels.

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Brighten Up Dark Hallways with Skylights

Velux SunTunnel skylights are a great way to bring more natural light into your home. Think of the spaces in your house that never see the light of day ─ perhaps a bathroom or hallway. Now imagine brightening up those spaces with shafts of bright sunlight!

Valley Roofing – Certified Velux Installers

When Valley Roofing installs your Velux SunTunnel skylight you’ll have peace of mind that it’s been done right.  We’re certified Velux installers and we’ll make sure your roof is properly sealed to prevent leaks. In fact, Velux gives a 10-year Non Leak guarantee on any Velux product that we install. After all, we’re roofing experts and we know what we’re doing.

Let in the Light and Fresh Air!

Choose from a great selection of skylights for your home, including:

– SunTunnels ─ bring light to interior rooms with no windown

– Deck and curb-mounted solutions ─ replace your aging and leaking skylights

– Manual and electric venting skylights ─ let fresh air in as well as sunlight.

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