Slate – The Roofing Material of Choice for Centuries

Slate is beautiful and enduring, and it’s been used for centuries as the roofing material of choice on distinctive buildings around the world. Valley Roofing offers a wide selection of natural and synthetic slate and shake roofing materials for elegant homes throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

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Natural Slate

Valley Roofing is a GAF-certified “SlateCrafter” for installation of the TruSlate roofing system. TruSlate uses hand-quarried natural slate in an innovative hanger and batten fastening system for the charm and longevity of traditionally-installed slate, without the additional framing required by the weight of a traditional slate roof. This system is custom-designed for your roof, and is backed by the Ultimate Pledge lifetime material warranty.

Synthetic Slate

It looks like the real thing, but goes easy on the budget. Synthetic products at Valley Roofing are backed by a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty and are available in many different colors and patterns.

harrisonburg slate roofing company

Natural and Synthetic Shakes

Valley Roofing sells and installs cedar shake roofs. Natural cedar shakes are available in medium and heavyweight thicknesses, and hand-split and sawn profiles, so you can choose the look that complements your home.  Natural shakes are treated for longevity.

We also offer synthetic shakes from Enviroshake, which are made from post-consumer and natural materials to provide an earth-friendly alternative that replicates the look and weathering of real shakes, with the added value of a 50-year material warranty.

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